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We provide a whole range of moving services to suit your every need.We cover almost all relocation and transport services that you can think of in Johannesburg.

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Long and Short Distance Moving Service in Johannesburg​

Our company provides a moving service to all of  Johannesburg areas which covers all suburbs and areas in between.  

Our commitment to affordable prices and excellent customer service has helped us to grow into a leading relocation business that covers all of Southern Africa.  

The needs of each client are unique,and we handle your move from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail,ensuring that your move is as convenient,stress-free and cost effective as possible. We do not even think about making an estimate over the phone or a meeting you in a coffee shop in a public place. 

When we quote, we simply need the information provided which is your address and telephone number.  

This is one of the reasons why our customers trust us to take care of their valuable belongings as if they were our own.In addition to our stress-free service,we also offer free quotations as well as competitive rates for both local as well as long distance moving services.  

Mini Moving Service in Johannesburg

Our Mini moving service offers a solution at a super low affordable cost.If you are only moving a few items,then why waste your hard-earned cash on a huge truck when a smaller commercial van can do the job at a fraction of the cost.  

Small furniture removals such as beds or couches then mini moving is the solution for you. 


Relocation and Packing Experts Service in Johannesburg

We don’t just help you move.We can also help you pack as well. 

When you hire a full-service moving company from Emovers,you won’t have to worry about the tedious packing process.We have professional movers that have the knowledge and skills needed to safely and properly pack up all of your belongings in a quick and efficient manner.  

Contact us to get the move started. 

Storage and Moving Service in Johannesburg

Emovers is one of the most reliable storage and moving service suppliers in the Johannesburg area.  

They have provided excellent storage and moving solutions to hundreds of clients in Johannesburg. If you are interested in finding out more about their storage and moving services,please visit the link below.  

Emovers offers a great removal service for people on the move within or outside of Johannesburg.  

It’s not like taking them into unfamiliar territory because they will be able to read the situation like a book and react accordingly based on a client’s demand if needed.  

They can provide an accurate quotation within minutes which allows client’s time out to plan their move accordingly. 

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage options they have an answer for your specific requirements,helping you throughout the process by negotiating with insurance companies due to unforeseen situations with your move.  

Goods Transportation Service in Johannesburg

There are several other factors that go into formulating your point of view on what makes for a great transportation service in Johannesburg.  

We all want something different when it comes to transportation services.  

Office Removals Service in Johannesburg

Our moving company can help you relocate your office in Johannesburg.Our office removal service ensures the move is done in a way that eliminates disturbance during working hours.Many moving Companies will accommodate after hours moving or on the weekend. 

We help move office and provide storage solutions if you not quite ready yet. 

We are one of the best office removal companies in Johannesburg. 

Furniture Removals Service in Johannesburg

Our furniture removal service.  

We offer reliable furniture removals.If you’re moving between cities or countries or transporting goods you are likely to have subcontracted out the job of furniture removal.Emovers furniture removals will move your furniture,office or goods anywhere in South Africa. 

No furniture removal job is too big or too small.Whether its a whole house,office or you need to transport items back from the shop we can help. 

We Provide Stable Service With Experts

We Believe in making simple and fair pricing plans.Choose your next successful plan and get started today!.