Terms & Conditions

Contact Details/Additional Items

1. It is important that you check and confirm that you’re booking confirmation details are true, correct, complete and accurate, including all inventory, access and contact details. All updated information must be rendered in writing. Updated information will not be accepted via telephone correspondence.

YOU will be responsible for any delays as a result of inaccurate information, and you must be contactable at all times on the phone numbers you provide, or by email. Delays due to inaccurate information and non-contactability may incur additional charges, as set by Eternity Services. Any additional items collected upon uplift, and not agreed to in writing prior to collection, will incur additional fees and be charged at the pro-rata rate.


2. It is recommended that you obtain all risk type insurance cover for your goods prior to your relocation. This can be provided by either your current insurance provider or alternatively Eternity Services can assist you in that regards.


3. A booking deposit of no less than 25% is payable upon booking your relocation by either credit card or direct deposit, with the balance of monies payable in full upon the uplift / collection of your goods. (Cheques are not accepted as method of payment at any time.) Generally, quotes under R5 000 will be asked to pay in full, Quotes under R10 000 will be asked for a 50% deposit and Quotes over R20 000.00 will be asked for a 25% deposit. All bookings made for collection within 5 days are payable in full.


4. You should be notified of uplift / collection times the day prior or the morning of your uplift / collection and respectively notified of delivery times the day prior to your delivery. You must be available and contactable during that time frame. Any requests you may have in relation to uplift dates and times must be given in writing, and will be considered and implemented where possible but IN NO WAY will be guaranteed.


5. As we are primarily a backloading service, WE DO NOT guarantee delivery dates or times, and any approximate time frames for transit given at the time of booking are only indicative. Non delivery due to unavailability by the customer may incur redelivery and storage charges over and above all other costs at the rate set by Eternity Services.